Scalextric Digital Accessories

Scalextric produce a number of innovative slot car accessories that add to the racing spectacle.  These include digital advanced six car power base, digital lap counter, digital pit box game and digital conversion kit. In the following paragraphs I will be explaining the functionality of these impressive digital products.

Scales digital 6 car power base


The digital six car power base can be used to race up to 6 cars on a two lane digital layout.  The unit has two levels of features that will suit both the novice and experienced racer.  These functions can be readily accessed through an easy to use interface. The skill level option allows different power levels to be applied to different drivers hand throttles, depending on their skill level. The idea behind this is to equalize overall car racing performance.  Other functions include, multiple gaming modes, timed endurance and total lap format racing.  Another interesting option is the Ghost Car Pacer function.  With this setting between 1 and 6 cars can be run automatically, with switchable lane changing and lap counting on individual cars.  Individual car identification can be made by pressing a single button on the power base. The power base has a 15 volt output, which provides ample power for the cars to raced at high speeds.  Another great feature of this unit is that it can be run in both Analogue or Digital modes.  This is quite important because it means that all of Scalextrics analogue cars, of which there are many, can be run on what is ostensibly a digital sot car layout.  Also all of the power base features are available in either mode.

Scalex digital lap recorder


The digital lap counter has the following functions, at will count down from a maximum of 999 laps, or whatever number you set.  Therefore it can be used to run not only sprint style races, but long endurance races as well.  The unit also has a built in start sequence for added racing realism. As the race unfolds the lap counter displays the leaders remaining laps and at the end of the race, it displays the finishing order.  The digital lap counter is an essential accessory for accurate racing entertainment.

Scalex digital pit box game


This is another exciting Scalextric digital accessory. You can select up to three pit stops per race.  The pit will open randomly for ten seconds at a time.  Pit stop closed, also operates randomly  for between 15 and 30 seconds.  When the pits are open you have to enter the pit in order to extinguish one pit stop light.  However if you enter the pit lane when it is closed you will incur a further pit stop penalty. The first driver to extinguish all three pit stop lights first wins the race.   This accessory add a bit of strategy to the race and adds to the overall excitement.

Scalex digital conversion kit


The digital conversion kit is a great accessory, because it enables you to convert a analogue set into a digital one.  With the digital conversion kit you can race up to four cars with lane changing functionality.   The kit contains the following  items;

  • One digital power base (able to operate up to 4 cars)
  • Two digital hand throttles
  • One straight lane changing track section
  • One half straight
  • One standard straight
  • One transformer
  • Two easy fit digital plugs

The benefits of the digital conversion are;

  • Up to four cars can be run on a two lane track
  • Multiple cars can be run on just one lane
  • Cars can switch lanes via the lane changing track section
  • All the sets original analogue track pieces can be used
  • Digital hand throttles are ergonomic, responsive and interactive
  • The system is simple to operate.

The kit contains everything you need to convert your analogue set to a multi-car lane changing digital racing set. Most of the newer Scalextric cars are digital plug ready (DPS) and it is a simple operation to fit the supplied digital plug into a DPS ready car.

In summary Scalextric produces a number of impressive digital slot car accessories.  These are designed to enhance the racing system and provide a platform for hours of racing entertainment.


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