Scalextric Vintage

In this article I will be looking at some of the classic vintage slot cars that have been produced by Scalextric over the years and their rarity as collectibles.  There have also been a number of innovations along the way and these include such things as, swivel guides, various lighting systems, action parts, flashing lights and sirens on a number of Police car models.  In the following paragraphs I will be looking at some of the stand out classic vintage examples;

Scalex vintage bugatti

Bugatti Type 59 C70: This is the rarest and most collectible car in Scalextric history.  It is known to collectors as “the holy grail” of slot cars.  It is believed that only around 250 models were ever built and non were sold in shops.  Many were apparently given to staff member who worked in the Scalextric Factory at Havent, in Hamshire at the time.  Only around 30 examples of this rare car are known to exist and when one come up for auction they fetch big money.  In fact one sold on Ebay in 2011 for US$6,000.00.

Scalex Aston James Bond Vintage

Aston Marin DB5: James Bond Model This action model, which was released in the 007 James Bond action set was a huge winner for Scalextric. It was based on the James Bond Aston Martin DB5,  driven by Sean Connery in the early Bond Movies.  It had a number of unique features on it, which included; the front passenger could be ejected through a detachable roof panel. This was achieved when the other set car, which was a black Mercedes 250SL touched an eject button on the side of the car. The Aston Martin also a bullet proof shield that popped up when the rear bumper was touched and the model also had machine guns poking out of the front grill area.  This again is a very sought after model, as not to many undamaged ones remain today.  As it was an action set this meant that the model had great play value, but inevitably the car would of ended up being damaged or destroyed.

Scalex Porsche 917k Blue Spanish

Porsche 917K: This model of the iconic Lemans racer was produced by the Spanish Scalextric factory in 1972.  The model had superb detail for the time and came with Train type electric motor that was also used by Triang Hornby model rail engines.  The car itself was the subject of a famous movie called Lemans that stared Steve McQueen.  Many believe that the movie is best motor sport film ever made, as it showed great racing footage of the battle between Porsche and Ferrari to win the 1970 Lemans race. The blue coloured model in particular is a very sought after item and fetches big money when one comes up for auction.

In summary the vintage iconic Scalextric cars that I have mentioned form a great part of the Scalextric legend.  The cars were superb examples of famous cars of their time and all are very sought after by collectors the world over.



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